During these challenging COVID times, we realize we have to change the way we photograph sports while maintaining social distancing. JUST PICTURE IT PHOTOGRAPHY has been working hard to provide you with safe options for team and individual photos. We can now extract your individual player photos, composite them, and place the team back on a background template or design. This is TEAM CREATOR!

 Individual Player Shot

Editable Team Picture Composite Layer

Finished Team Composite




Once we are there we set up an area to shoot individual player poses, usually a couple different ones, which allows us to make a more realistic composite. Players are shot from the same point of view and camera settings to ensure proper proportions when making the composite. From there we extract the players picture from the back ground and position it into a team composite editable layer. once we are happy with the new team composite we can place it on the many different backgrounds and templates that we have available. We can put them into a hockey rink, ball field or basketball court for a nature feel or a specialty made template with team colors and logos. The choice is up to you and your team